"Supporting current & prospective Criminologists of Black heritage to network, learn & achieve together" πŸŒ




If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

African Proverb.

Here at The Black Criminology Network (BCN), we pride ourselves on being an independent Global hub for Criminologists.

We endeavour to support current and prospective Criminologists, particularly of Black heritage by facilitating monthly networking events, encouraging development, and sharing opportunities.

We are also open to consulting individuals with innovative ways of supporting students or peers and welcome conversations from anyone sharing our interests.

Have a look at our core pillars:


β€œWe absolutely loved working with Black Crim Network. It is an incredibly important space for Black women working in the sector and we were happy to share our personal experiences with their audience. While partnering with them for Women's month, they were organised, dedicated and had a genuine desire to help others.”
Dope Black Women (She/Her)
2022 Event Partners
β€œEngaging conversation with a very supportive environment that offered additional support if needed.”
Network and Learn Attendee
July 2021
β€œI have found the network insightful, supportive, and progressive. They are committed to sharing their way of working by including much needed intergenerational ways of working.”
2022 Event Partner
β€œThe Criminology Team have been working with the Black Criminology Network [BCN] for a couple of years now. So far we have focused on marking Black History Month with webinars open to students, the wider University network and the public. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a very successful collaboration and we look forward to exploring other opportunities with BCN in the future. It is really important for all students, not just those with Black heritage, to see the world through different eyes, BCN not only offers an opportunity to do this, but also for those interested to get involved at a very early stage of their academic journey..”
ThoughtsFromACriminology Team (University of Northampton)
2022 Events Partners
"The Black Criminology Network were phenomenal to collaborative with. From the beginning they were transparent, open-minded and very much focused on expanding mine and attendees critical and theoretical horizons"
Sistah Dictionary
2022 Events Partner
"Being exposed to people who have a similar experience to you but their own perspective is always enlightening and enriching. Sometimes for the new thing that you learnt but mainly for the affirmation of your lived experience. You get the feeling that you're not alone."
Network & Learn Attendee
November 2021
"It was a very nice, relaxed session which allowed for natural and flowing conversation. Despite the technical difficulties throughout, it was very engaging and interesting."
Network & Learn Attendee
May 2022